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Editor-in-Chief: Alexander V. Ipatov, D.Sc., Prof.

ISSN (Print): 2224-7440
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About the journal

The journal "Proceedings of the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences" is intended for specialists in the field of astronomy, radiophysics and radio engineering. The subject matter of the journal covers a wide range of problems in the following research areas:

  • ephemeris astronomy, classical and relativistic celestial mechanics, geodynamics and space geodesy;
  • radio astronomy and ultra-long-base radio interferometry, including radio astronomy instrumentation;
  • study of the dynamics of large and small bodies of the solar system, including asteroids and comets. including asteroids and comets approaching the Earth;
  • fundamental coordinate-time and navigation support, including the GLONASS global satellite navigation system;
  • construction of fundamental celestial and terrestrial reference systems and determination of the Earth's rotation parameters;
  • Preparation and publication of astronomical and special yearbooks, almanacs and other official coordinate-time and navigation publications; preparation and publication of astronomical and special yearbooks and almanacs and navigation publications;
  • development of astronomical software and information development of astronomical software and information support and means of automation of astronomical research;
  • modernization of hardware and software of the radio-interferometric Kvazar-KVO radio-interferometric complex, including means of observation of navigational and geodetic satellites. geodetic satellites.

The journal publishes articles devoted to fundamental sections of astronomy, experimental techniques, and practical applications of the results obtained, which allows a wide range of authors to a wide range of authors to participate in it and increases the citation index of the incoming articles.

The journal is peer-reviewed, included in the VAK List and the RSCI database.

The journal has been published since 1997.

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Alexander V. Ipatov , D. Sc. Technical Sciences, Prof.

Editorial Board

Iskander S. Gayazov, D.Sc. Physics and mathematics, Assoc. Prof. (Deputy Editor-in-Chief);
Nikolay E. Koltsov, D.Sc. Technical Sciences, Prof. (Deputy Editor-in-Chief);
Nadezhda V. Shuygina, Ph.D. Physics and mathematics (Executive secretary);
Mikhail V. Vasilyev, Ph.D. Physics and mathematics;
Mikhail N. Kaydanovsky, Ph.D. Technical sciences, Assoc. Prof.;
Yury D. Medvedev, D.Sc. Physics and mathematics, Prof.;
Elena V. Pitjeva, D. Sc. Physics and mathematics, Assoc. Prof.;
Ismail A. Rakhimov, D.Sc. Physics and mathematics, Assoc. Prof.;
Leonid V. Fedotov, Ph.D. Technical sciences

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