Transactions Is. 40. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2017. — 145 p.

ISBN 978-5-93197-052-3

Transactions Is. 40. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2017. — 145 p.

This volume includes the proceedings of the 13th European VLBI Network Symposium and Users’ Meeting which took place in the IAA RAS, St. Petersburg, from September 20, 2016 to September 23, 2016. The conference covered a wide range of theoretical and practical issues in radio astronomy, astrophysics and space geodesy. The articles in this collection are devoted to investigations of near and far outer space using the VLBI method, to the development of modern technical means for VLBI complexes and to problems in cosmology. The collection is intended for specialists in physics and astronomy.


D. G. Nair, A. P. Lobanov1, T. P. Krichbaum, E. Ros, J. A. Zensus 86 GHz VLBI Survey of Ultra Compact Radio Emission in Active Galactic Nuclei 3
E. V. Pitjeva VLBI Data are the Basis of Orientation of Planetary Ephemerides with Respect to ICRF2 and Improvement of Other Ephemeris Parameters 10
M. V. Vasilyev, N. V. Shuygina, E. I. Yagudina Expected Impact of the Lunar Lander VLBI Observations on the Lunar Ephemeris Accuracy 16
O. Titov Testing of General Relativity with Geodetic VLBI 22
A. Nakagawa, T. Kurayama, G. Orosz, VERA Project Astrometry of the Galactic Miras and LPVs with a Japanese VLBI Array “Vera” 28
G. Orosz, M. J. Rioja, R. Dodson, H. Imai, S. Frey Multiview Phase Corrections at Low Frequencies for Precise Astrometry 34
F. J. Abellán, I. Martí-Vidal, J. M. Marcaide, J. C. Guirado 43 GHZ High-Precision Wide-Angle VLBI Astrometry of the Complete S5 Polar Cap Sample at the Technical Limit 40
G. Tuccari, W. Alef, M. Pantaleev, M. Lindqvist, J. A. López Pérez, J. A. López Fernández BRAND — a VLBI Receiver to Cover the Band from 1.5 GHz to 15.5 GHz 46
P. de Vicente Technical Status and Developments of the EVN 51
C. Romero-Cañizales, A. Alberdi, J. L. Prieto, C. Ricci, X. Chen, M. A. Pérez-Torres, J. E. Conway IC 883 and PGC 043234: the Stories of Steady and Intermittent Accretion Onto a SMBH 59
L. Petrov VLBA Calibrator Survey 9 (VCS–9) 64
F. Colomer, V. Bujarrabal Recent High Resolution Studies of Maser Emission 68
M. D. Gray, M. Wittkowski, E. M. L. Humphreys, S. Yu. Parfenov, A. M. Sobolev SiO Maser Movies: The Re-Run 78
M. P. Gawroński, K. Katarzyński, G. Rycyk e-EVN Observations of AM Herculius 84
R. A. Burns, T. Handa, H. Imai, T. Nagayama, T. Omodaka, T. Hirota, K. Motogi, H. J. van Langevelde, W. A. Baan, Bowshocks and Non-Linear Motions Seen in the H2O Masers of AFGL 5142 89
K. Katarzyński Emission of Exoplanets in the GHz Range 94
Z. Paragi Transient Science with the e-EVN 99
S. Britzen, C. Fendt, A. Eckart, V. Karas Evidence for Turbulent Loading of the M87-Jet 111
J.-Y. Kim, T. P. Krichbaum, Ru-Sen Lu, M. Bremer, J. A. Zensus, R. C. Walker, the M87 collaboration Studying the Innermost Jet of M 87 with MM-VLBI Observations 117
S. Koyama, M. Kino, A. Doi, E. Ros, K. Niinuma, H. Nagai, K. Hada, M. Giroletti, G. Giovannini, M. Orienti Probing the Precise Location of the Radio Core in Mrk 501 with VLBA Astrom- etry 122
L. I. Matveyenko Multiface Unity 128
A. S. Andrianov, I. A. Guirin, V. I. Kostenko, V. E. Zharov, A. G. Rudnitsky, I. D. Litovchenko, V. Zuga, M. A. Shyrov, V. Avdeev, S. F. Likhachev, V. A. Lady- gin, M. V. Shatskaya ASC Correlator and Astro Space Locator Software: Data Processing in “Radioas- tron” Mission 134
A. Andrianov, M. V. Popov, N. Bartel, H. Bignall, C. Gwinn, M. Johnson, D. Jauncey, E. Fadeef, B. Ch. Joshi, N. Kardashev, R. Karuppusamy, Yu. Y. Kovalev, M. Kramer, A. Rudnitskiy, V. Shishov, T. Smirnova, V. A. Soglasnov, A. Zensus Interstellar Plasma Scattering Effects Studied with Radioastron 138