Radio observations of Spacecrafts

Radio observations make it possible to determine the position and velocity of spacecrafts to calculate and improve the parameters of their orbits with high accuracy. Among the methods of radio observation of the spacecrafts the Range, Doppler and Radio Interferometry (VLBI) techniques can be specified. Ranging measurements allow to obtain the distance to the object or pseudorange, Doppler measurements give the change in the velocity of the object along the line of sight, and the direction to the object is determined by VLBI observations. For conducting these observations we need to have receiving antenna systems with highly sensitive equipment for recording spacecraft signals and a software system for preparing observations and processing the data. Spacecrafts are regulary observed by various methods using the radio telescopes of Quasar VLBI Network in Svetloe, Zelenchukskaya and Badary observatories both for obtaining the parameters of their orbital motion and for research in the field of space physics.

Observed Objects

Parameters of Spacecrafts detected at RT-32

Spacecraft Epoch of observation Band
Chang'e 3 2019 Apr 26 X
Beresheet 2019 Apr 11 S
Chang'e 3 2018 Jun 25-27 X

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