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  1. Dan Aksim, Dmitry Pavlov: Improving the solar wind density model used in processing of spacecraft ranging observations // Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 514, Issue 3, 3191–3201 (2022)
  2. Bondarenko Yu. S., Marshalov D. A., Makarchuk S.: Radar Images of the Moon at 4.2-cm Wavelength // 53rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, held 7-11 March, 2022 at The Woodlands, Texas. LPI Contribution, No. 2678, id.2131 (2022)
  3. Yu. Bondarenko, D. Marshalov: Radar Observations of Old Centaur Rocket from 1966 // Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences, vol.59, no.s3, 23–29 (2022)
  4. Elena Pitjeva, Dmitry Pavlov, Dan Aksim, Margarita Kan: Planetary and lunar ephemeris EPM2021 and its significance for Solar system research // Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, Volume 15, Symposium S364, 220–225 (2022)
  5. E. Nosov, D. Marshalov, L. Fedotov, Y. Sheynman: Multifunctional Digital Backend for Quasar VLBI network // Journal of Instrumentation, Volume 16, P05003 (2021)
  6. V. N. Tryapitsyn, D. A. Pavlov, E. I. Yagudina, V. V. Rumyantsev: The 1970–1984 lunar laser ranging observations in the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory // Journal for the History of Astronomy, Vol. 52(1), 67–76 (2021)
  7. E. V. Pitjeva, N. P. Pitjev, D. A. Pavlov, C. C. Turygin: Estimates of the change rate of solar mass and gravitational constant based on the dynamics of the Solar System // Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 647, A141 (2021)
  8. Yu. S. Bondarenko, D. A. Marshalov, E. V. Nosov, L. V. Fedotov: The Practice of Using the Multifunctional Digital Backend System in the Quasar VLBI Network // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 57, 3–9 (2021)
  9. V. Yu. Bykov: Modernized Device for Reading Angular Coordinates of RT-32 // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 58, 3–10 (2021)
  10. A. V. Vytnov, K. G. Mishagin, V. A. Polyakov: Coherent Combining of Signals of Hydrogen Masers for VLBI Measurement Improvement // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 59, 9–13 (2021)
  11. S. A. Grenkov, A. V. Krokhalev, L. V. Fedoto: Experimental Studies of an Ultra-Wideband Analog-to-Digital Converter for Radio Astronomy Equipment // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 58, 17–23 (2021)
  12. D. V. Ivanov, I. A. Rakhimov, A. A. Dyakov, V. G. Olifirov, D. V. Erofeev, N. A. Topchilo, N. G. Peterova, A. V. Ipatov, T. S. Andreeva, G. N. Il’in, E. Yu. Khvostov: Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020 According to Observations with IAA RAS Radio Telescopes (First Results) // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 56, 22–31 (2021)
  13. M. S. Zorin, A. S. Kumeyko, V. O. Ken: Vision — Software for Visualizing the Results of VLBI Data Correlation Processing // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 58, 30–35 (2021)
  14. S. L. Kurdubov, E. A. Skurikhina: On Estimating the Accuracy of the High-Frequency Universal Time Series // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 57, 23–27 (2021)
  15. D. A. Marshalov, E. V. Nosov, L. V. Fedotov, Yu. S. Sheinman: Multifunctional Digital Backend for RT-13 Radio Telescope at Svetloe Observatory // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 56, 39–47 (2021)
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