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  1. Ilia Bezrukov, Vladislav Yakovlev, Dmitry Marshalov, Yuri Bondarenko, Alexander Salnikov, Omar Pons Rodriguez: Information technologies of the Russian-Cuban GNSS service // International Journal of Information and Communication Technology (2022)
  2. Bondarenko Yu. S., Marshalov D. A., Makarchuk S.: Radar Images of the Moon at 4.2-cm Wavelength // 53rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, held 7-11 March, 2022 at The Woodlands, Texas. LPI Contribution, No. 2678, id.2131 (2022)
  3. Yu. Bondarenko, D. Marshalov: Radar Observations of Old Centaur Rocket from 1966 // Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences, vol.59, no.s3, 23–29 (2022)
  4. Yu. S. Bondarenko, D. A. Marshalov, E. V. Nosov, L. V. Fedotov: The Practice of Using the Multifunctional Digital Backend System in the Quasar VLBI Network // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 57, 3–9 (2021)
  5. Jing Sun, Jinsong Ping, Yuri Bondarenko, Dmitry Marshalov, Fengchun Shu, Jianfeng Cao, Songtao Han, Lue Chen, Wen Chen: Promoting Earth-Based Radar Astronomical Observations of the Moon // Sensors, 20(7), 1874 (2020)
  6. Yu. Bondarenko, D. Marshalov, D. Vavilov, Y. Medvedev: International radar observations of near-Earth asteroids on radio telescopes of Quasar VLBI Network // Proceedings of the All-Russian Conference “Ground-Based Astronomy in Russia. 21st Century”, Special Astrophysical Observatory of RAS Eds: I.I. Romanyuk, I.A. Yakunin, A.F. Valeev, D.J. Kudryavtsev, 455–457 (2020)
  7. D. Marshalov, O. Pons Rodriguez, Yu. Bondarenko, V. Suvorkin, I. Bezrukov, S. Serzhanov: Russian–Cuban GNSS Service for Monitoring and Analysis of Geophysical Parameters // Revista Cubana de Física, Vol. 37, №1, 73–76 (2020)
  8. D. Marshalov, Jinsong Ping, Wenxiao Li, Minqyuan Wang, Jing Sun, Yu. Bondarenko, M. Vasilyev, E. Yagudina: 3-Way Lunar Radio Ranging Experiment on RT-32 Radio Telescopes // Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences, V. 57, I. 1-2, 22–27 (2020)
  9. Yu. S. Bondarenko, D. A. Marshalov, A. Maklakov, J. Sun: Search for the Transmitting Antenna on Earth by Observing its Signals Reflected from the Moon // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 52, 13–16 (2020)
  10. Aksim D. A., Bezrukov I. A., Bondarenko Yu. S, Vodolagina A. G., Zheleznov N. B., Kochetova O. M., Kuzetsov V. B.: Minor Planets Catalogue on the IAA RAS Website // Научные труды Института астрономии РАН, vol. 5(1), 32–35 (2020)
  11. W. Li, J. Ping, M. Wang, J. Sun, D. A. Marshalov, Y. S. Bondarenko: Remote Frequency Transferring and Calibration Test in Chang′E-3 Lunar Radio Ranging // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 53, 38–43 (2020)
  12. Yu. S. Bondarenko, D. A. Marshalov, Yu. D. Medvedev, G. I. Kornienko, A. V. Kochergin, M. S. Zheltobryukhov, L. A. Benner: Physical Parameters of the Asteroid 2017 VR12 from Radar and Photometric Observations // Astronomy Letters, Vol. 45 No. 2, 104–107 (2019)
  13. Yuri Bondarenko, Dmitry Marshalov, Yuri Medvedev, Dmitry Vavilov, Maksim Zotov, Andrey Mikhailov: Physical parameters of the near-Earth asteroids from radar observations // Proceedings of Science, V. 344 PoS (EVN2018) 155, 1–4 (2019)
  14. Bondarenko Yu. S., Marshalov D. A., Vavilov D.E., Medvedev Yu. D.: Radar observations of near-Earth asteroid 2003 SD220 // EPSC Abstracts, V. 13, EPSC-DPS2019-554-1 (2019)
  15. D. A. Aksim, I. A. Bezrukov, Yu. S. Bondarenko, A. G. Vodolagina, N. B. Zheleznov, O. M. Kochetova, V. B. Kuznetsov: Numbered Minor Planets Catalogue on the IAA RAS Website // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 51, 3–12 (2019)
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