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  1. Dmitry Ivanov, Alexander Ipatov, Dmitry Marshalov, Gennadiy Ilin, Iskander Gayazov, Evgeny Khvostov, Andrey Mikhailov, Sergey Kurdubov, Sergey Serzhanov, Ilia Bezrukov, Viktor Stempkovsky, Alexander Vytnov, Igor Surkis, Valery Olifirov, Andrey Dyakov, Ismail Rahimov: Russian New Generation VLBI Network // IVS 2022 General Meeting Proceedings, Edited by Kyla L. Armstrong, Dirk Behrend, and Karen D. Baver NASA/CP–20220018789, 37–41 (2023)
  2. Yuriy Vekshin, Voytsekh Ken, Sergei Kurdubov: Optimal Signal Averaging Time in VLBI Sessions // IVS 2022 General Meeting Proceedings, Kyla L. Armstrong, Dirk Behrend, and Karen D. Baver (eds), 144–147 (2023)
  3. Sergey L. Kurdubov, Dmitry A. Marshalov: Probing the New Generation Geodetic Radio Telescopes for FRB Observations // Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, Vol. 11, No. 03, 2250015 (2022)
  4. Y. V. Vekshin, V. O. Ken, S. M. Mironova, S. L. Kurdubov: Influence of Signal Delay Instability in Radio Telescope Equipment on Optimal Accumulation Time of Radio Interferometer Signal // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 60, 21–26 (2022)
  5. S. Kurdubov, D. Marshalov, A. Melnikov, I. Bezrukov, E. Nosov, I. Gayazov: Synchronization of Station Clocks by Observing the Crab Nebula Pulsar // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 62, 15–20 (2022)
  6. V. V. Suvorkin, I. S. Gayazov, S. L. Kurdubov: GNSS Observations Processing at the Institute of Applied Astronomy // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 61, 28–37 (2022)
  7. S. L. Kurdubov, E. A. Skurikhina: On Estimating the Accuracy of the High-Frequency Universal Time Series // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 57, 23–27 (2021)
  8. S. M. Mironova, S. L. Kurdubov, I. S. Gayazov: Building a Series of UT1-UTC from Combining the Results of Processing Hourly VLBI Sessions on the IVS Intensive Program // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 58, 51–56 (2021)
  9. V. Suvorkin, S. Kurdubov: Two-Group Least Squares Method for Space Geodesy Techniques // Proceedings of the All-Russian Conference “Ground-Based Astronomy in Russia. 21st Century”, Special Astrophysical Observatory of RAS Eds: I.I. Romanyuk, I.A. Yakunin, A.F. Valeev, D.J. Kudryavtsev, 458–460 (2020)
  10. Dan Aksim, Alexey Melnikov, Dmitry Pavlov, Sergey Kurdubov: Exploring the Asymmetry of the Solar Corona Electron Density with Very Long Baseline Interferometry // The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 885, Number 2 (2019)
  11. N. Shuygina, D. Ivanov, A. Ipatov, I. Gayazov, D. Marshalov, A. Melnikov, S. Kurdubov, M. Vasilyev, G. Ilin, E. Skurikhina, I. Surkis, V. Mardyshkin, A. Mikhailov, A. Salnikov, A. Vytnov, I. Rakhimov, A. Dyakov, V. Olifirov: Russian VLBI network “Quasar”: Current status and outlook // Geodesy and Geodynamics, Volume 10, Issue 2 , 150–156 (2019)
  12. Sergei L Kurdubov, Dmitry A Pavlov, Svetlana M Mironova, Sergey A Kaplev: Earth–Moon very-long-baseline interferometry project: modelling of the scientific outcome // Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 486, Issue 1, 815–822 (2019)
  13. A. A. Kudelkin, S. L. Kurdubov: VLBI Intensive Sessions Scheduling Optimization to Determine the Universal Time Correction // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 51, 73—81 (2019)
  14. S. L. Kurdubov, S. M. Mironova, V. S. Gubanov, E. A. Skurikhina: A New Version of the Celestial Reference Frame from the Analysis of the 1979-2019 VLBI Observations // Transactions of IAA RAS, вып. 50, 51–57 (2019)
  15. V. Gubanov, S. Kurdubov, S. Mironova, I. Surkis: Structural Delays in the VLBI Data Analysis // Transactions of IAA RAS, issue 45, 43–50 (2018)
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