Transactions Is. 44. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2017.

ISBN 978-5-93197-057-8

Transactions Is. 44. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2017.

This special issue of the Transactions of IAA RAS contains the materials of the PNT-2017 — the All-Russian Conference which took place in April 2017 in the IAA RAS, St. Petersburg and was devoted to the fundamental and applied scientific research in positioning, navigation and timing (PNT). The articles collected here cover a wide range of theoretical, methodological, organizational and legal PNT issues. Particular attention is paid to the GLONASS system in the aspects of its maintenance, usage and development; the reference systems created and maintained; the Earth orientation parameters monitored; time scales stored and synchronized; the Earth’s gravity field and its parameters being determined, etc.

The following modern high-precision technical means and methods of PNT are described in detail: radio interferometric network with very long baselines; satellite and lunar laser ranging systems; global navigation satellite systems; time and frequency standards; geographic information systems, etc. Various methods to colocate different technical means are considered.

These articles are written for specialists in physics and astronomy.


B. F. Babaykin, P. V. Beliankin, E. T. Zhukov, N. A. Stepanova, D. V. Filippov The Current Status and Ways to Improve the Very Low Frequency Time Transfer Facilities in Russia 3
V. S. Baholdin, D. A. Gavrilov, I. S. Gerasimenko, V. A. Dobrikov, V. F. Ivanov A Multisystem Software Receiver of the Global and Regional Navigation Satellite Systems 10
Yu. V. Vekshin, A. A. Evstigneev, A. P. Lavrov An Output Signal Stability Analysis of the Radio Telescope Wideband Receiving System Prototype 18
D. A. Gavrilov Determination of the Coordinates of Specular Points in the Multiposition Radar System for the Earth Remote Sensing 26
S. V. Gaivoronskii, N. V. Kuzmina, V. V. Tsodokova Accuracy of Astronomical Coordinate Determination in its Dependence from an Automated Zenith Telescope’s Data Synchronization 33
A. V. Krokhalev, S. A. Grenkov A Data Acquisition Backend Unit for the PRM-2 Radiometric Module 39
S. A. Grenkov, D. A. Marshalov, E. V. Nosov, L. V. Fedotov, N. E. Koltsov A 16-Channel Module of Digital Down Converters for the RT-13 Radio Telescopes3 43
A. V. Zheglov, S. Yu. Medvedev, I. A. Pisarev, I. N. Chernyshev A Set of Equipment to Transmit a 100 MHz Reference Signal via an Optical Channel 50
D. V. Zaletov, A. B. Basevich, A. E. Tyulyakov, V. E. Shabanov The Results of Flight Tests of the GLONASS-M Onboard Clocks 57
V. A. Karelin, A. S. Smelchakov Estimation of Phase Stability of Precision Generators Based on Two-channel Processing of a Digital Complex Signal 63
S. A. Katkov Technological Aspects of Monitoring the Target Characteristics of the GLONASS Satellite Constellation 69
V. I. Kuznetsov, T. V. Danilova, M. A. Arkhipova, M. A. Maslova Autonomous Astronomical Navigation and Orientation System for Multipurpose Spacecrafts 75
A. F. Kornev, A. S. Davtian, R. V. Balmashnov, Y. V. Katsev, V. P. Pokrovskiy, A. S. Kovyarov A Laser Source of Picosecond Pulses for High Precision Ranging and Positioning 83
D. A. Marshalov, A. E. Melnikov, L. V. Fedotov Experimental Studies of the Broadband Digital Signal Conversion Channels Used in VLBI Observations 90
Yu. D. Medvedev, D. E. Vavilov, Yu. S. Bondarenko, D. A. Bulekbaev Determination of the Planet X Position and Estimation of its Gravitational Influence on the Solar System Bodies 97
V. O. Mironov, L. Y. Belov, V. K. Koshelev, A. A. Barskiy, P. N. Parshin Experimental Verification of Time Scale Comparison Errors via Fiber Optic Communication Link Channels 107
A. E. Tyulin, V. V. Betanov Higher Stability of the Generalized Ill-posed Problem Solutions for the Navigation and Ballistic Support at Various Stages of a Spacecraft’s Flight 114
A. E. Tyulyakov, L. Ya. Belov, P. N. Parshin The State System of the Unified Time and Reference Frequencies «The Goal» for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation; Its Current Status and Development Opportunities 126
M. N. Utkin Peculiarities of the Time-to-Digital Converter Application in Order to Estimate the Characteristics of Frequency Standards 133
S. V. Podrezov, Y. A. Vinnik, N. N. Novikov, M. Y. Ortikov, S. M. Sokolov, A. A. Ivanov Analysis of Simulation Results and the TWSTFT Time Scale Comparison Experiment Using the Ground Control System and the GLONASS Satellites 138