Transactions Is. 46. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2018.

ISBN 978-5-93197-061-5

Transactions Is. 46. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2018.

This special issue of the Transactions of IAA RAS contains the materials of the All-Russian Radio Astronomy Conference "Radio Telescopes, Instruments and Methods of Radio Astronomy", which took place in September 2019 in the IAA RAS, St. Petersburg. The articles presented in this and next issues are devoted to the current state of Russian radio telescopes and the directions of their development, domestic and foreign projects of new instruments, antennas and antenna-feeder devices, equipment and methods for achieving high sensitivity, digital and information technologies in radio astronomy, as well as protection from interference. Particular attention is paid to the current state and directions of development of the VLBI.

The results of the most recent IAA RAS scientific investigations are included in this collection as well.

These articles are written for specialists in physics and astronomy.


I. A. Bezrukov, A. V. Vylegzhanin, Y. L. Kurdubova, V. Y. Mishin, A. I. Salnikov, V. A. Yakovlev A New Algorithm to Store and Transfer VLBI Data to the Software Correlator of the Russian Academy of Sciences 3
V. Yu. Bikov, V. G. Stempkovsky, A. M. Shishikin An Antenna System for a Prototype of a Mobile VLBI Radio Telescope 10
Y. V. Vekshin, V. O. Ken, V. K. Chernov, A. A. Evstigneev Receiver Characteristics Analysedv on a Radio Interferometric Test Bench 19
А. E. Gorodetskiy, V. G. Kurbanov, I. L. Tarasova The SEMS Adaptive Platform with a Matrix Receiver to Obtain Radio Images in Astronomy 31
S. A. Grenkov, N. E. Kol’tsov A Method to Extract Narrowband Signals from a Digital Broadband Signal 37
А. A. Evstigneev, Y. V. Vekshin, O. G. Evstigneeva, M. B. Zotov, A. S. Lavrov, V. V. Mardyshkin, I. A. Pozdnyakov, E. Y. Khvostov, I. V. Shakhnabiev An Ultra-Wideband Receiving System for the RT-13 Radio Telescope in the “Svetloe” Observatory 50
G. N. Ilin Calibration Signals of a Water Vapor Radiometer 57
A. V. Isaenko, I. A. Rahimov Upgrading the System of Automated Control and Monitoring Observatory Equipment 68
G. A. Kosmodamiansky Updated Versions of Major Saturn`s Satellite Numerical Ephemerides 77
M. V. Lukashova, M. L. Sveshnikov, E. Yu. Pariyskaya, D. A. Pavlov The “Navigator” Astronavigation Software System 87
E. V. Nosov, L. V. Fedotov A Project of the Direct Sampling Digital Backend for Radio Telescopes 94
V. V. Suvorkin, G. N. Ilin, S. L. Kurdubov, I. S. Gayazov, V. Yu. Bykov Accuracy in Estimation of Tropospheric Delays 100
V. Yu. Bykov, M. V. Dugin, G. N. Ilin Analysis of Variations in the Parameters of Water Vapor Radiometer 108
V. A. Shor, D. E. Vavilov, T. A. Vinogradova, N. B. Zheleznov, O. M. Kochetova, V. B. Kuznetsov, Yu. A. Chernetenko Comparison of Accuracy and Efficiency of the Methods for Estimating the Probability of Collisions of Celestial Bodies with the Earth 117
V. A. Yakovlev, I. A. Bezrukov, A. I. Salnikov, A. V. Vylegzhanin The IAA RAS Information Network Monitoring System 126
O. G. Evstigneeva, A. A. Evstigneev, E. Y. Khvostov, M. B. Zotov, I. A. Ipatova, I. A. Pozdnyakov, V. V. Mardyshkin, Yu. V. Vekshin, A. S. Lavrov Radio Frequency Units of the Ultra-Wideband Receiving System for the RT-13 Radio Telescope in the “Svetloe” Observatory 132