Transactions Is. 42. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2017.

ISBN 978-5-93197-054-7

Transactions Is. 42. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2017.

This special issue of the Transactions of IAA RAS contains the materials of the PNT-2017 — the All-Russian Conference which took place in April 2017 in the IAA RAS, St. Petersburg and was devoted to the fundamental and applied scientific research in positioning, navigation and timing (PNT). The articles collected here cover a wide range of theoretical, methodological, organizational and legal PNT issues. Particular attention is paid to the GLONASS system in the aspects of its maintenance, usage and development; the reference systems created and maintained; the Earth orientation parameters monitored; time scales stored and synchronized; the Earth’s gravity field and its parameters being determined, etc.

The following modern high-precision technical means and methods of PNT are described in detail: radio interferometric network with very long baselines; satellite and lunar laser ranging systems; global navigation satellite systems; time and frequency standards; geographic information systems, etc. Various methods to colocate different technical means are considered.

These articles are written for specialists in physics and astronomy.


R. V. Agapov, S. M. Shirokiy, E. V. Titov Comparison of the Мodels to Estimate a Tropospheric Delay of the GLONASS Navigation Signals 3
V. I. Baburov, N. V. Vasilyeva, N. V. Ivantsevich Information Characteristics of the Elements of the GLONASS Working Constellation and the Network of Pseudolites in the Arctic Region of Russia 11
I. V. Bezmenov, S. L. Pasynok Development of the Software and Hardware in VNIIFTRI for a Rapid and Final Orbit/Clock Estimation of GNSS Satellites 19
S. L. Pasynok, I. V. Bezmenov, N. A. Vostruhov, I. Yu. Ignatenko, A. N. Sinev, E. V. Sysak, E. N. Tsyba Methods and Facilities of EOP Evaluation by the MMC SSTF 24
D. S. Borovitsky, A. E. Zhesterev, V. P. Ipatov, R. M. Mamchur Description and Characteristics of the Radio Path of a Satellite-Based Radar Altimeter 32
V. F. Braginets, Y. G. Sukhoy, I. A. Burdin, V. M. Meshcheryakov First Results Received in Real Time from the System for High Precision Determination of Ephemeris and Time Information for Civilian Users, and its Development Overview 41
I. A. Burdin, V. V. Pasynkov, R. V. Khomyak Approaches to Modeling an Influence of Solar Radiation on the Motion of Navigation Satellites 49
M. V. Vasilyev, E. I. Yagudina Intervals to Update the Data of the Moon, the Sun and Planet Positions for the Ephemeris Support of the GLONASS System 57
L. A. Vedeshin Fundamental Principles to Develop a System of Monitoring the Asteroid and Comet Danger to the Earth 64
V. M. Vladimirov, G. I. Modestova, V. A. Emelyanov, A. I. Dmitrotsa, E. G. Lapukhin Experience in the Observation of the Small Spacecraft «M. Reshetnev» at the Laser Station in Irkutsk 72
N. K. Galikhanov, E. V. Titov Setting a Technical Task to Build a Shape of an Attitude System for the Advanced GLONASS Spacecraft 79
E. P. Gladkevich, G. I. Modestova Operational Monitoring of the GNSS Receiver Clock Parameters in the East–Siberian Branch of the VNIIFTRI 87
V. L. Gorshkov, N. V. Scherbakova Analysis of the Common Mode Errors in the Regional GNSS Networks 95
V. A. Emelyanov, G. I. Modestova Experience in Collecting, Processing and Archiving Satellite Data Automatically in the East-Siberian Branch of VNIIFTRI 101
V. E. Zharov, S. L. Pasynok, A. N. Sinev Evaluation of the Earth Orientation Parameters with the ARIADNA Software 108
N. B. Zheleznov, O. M. Kochetova, Yu. A. Chernetenko, V. A. Shor Precalculation of Celestial Bodies Colliding with the Moon and Places of Their Falling 116
S. D. Podogova, N. S. Arkhipov, V. A. Lysenko, K. G. Mishagin Realization of Timescale Steering Algorithms Using External Measurement Results 125
D. Sh. Fazilova, Sh. A. Ehgamberdiev, H. N. Magdiev Analysis of the EIGEN-6C4 and EGM2008 Global Gravity Models of the Earth in Relation to the Fergana Valley Using Geodetic Data 133
A. O. Shamov Development of the Local Geodetic Network of the IAA RAS Observatories 138
T. V. Ivanova Trigonometric Theory of the Moon's Rotation (the Poisson Case) 145