Transactions Is. 45. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2018.

ISBN 978-5-93197-060-8

Transactions Is. 45. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2018.

This special issue of the Transactions of IAA RAS contains the materials of the PNT-2017 — the All-Russian Conference which took place in April 2017 in the IAA RAS, St. Petersburg and was devoted to the fundamental and applied scientific research in positioning, navigation and timing (PNT). The articles collected here cover a wide range of theoretical, methodological, organizational and legal PNT issues. Particular attention is paid to the GLONASS system in the aspects of its maintenance, usage and development; the reference systems created and maintained; the Earth orientation parameters monitored; time scales stored and synchronized; the Earth’s gravity field and its parameters being determined, etc.

The following modern high-precision technical means and methods of PNT are described in detail: radio interferometric network with very long baselines; satellite and lunar laser ranging systems; global navigation satellite systems; time and frequency standards; geographic information systems, etc. Various methods to colocate different technical means are considered.

The results of the most recent IAA RAS scientific investigations are included in this collection as well.

These articles are written for specialists in physics and astronomy.


A. V. Bagrov, S. P. Kuzin, V. А. Leonov The LUNA-GLOB Mission’s Light Beacon Service to Improve the Theory of the Moon’s Motion 3
V. Y. Bykov, G. N. Ilin, V. G. Stempkovskiy, A. M. Shishikin Determination of Tropospheric Wet Delays in Unfavorable Weather Conditions Using the Water Vapor Radiometer 9
D. E. Vavilov The Probability of Collision or Close Approach of Two Space Objects 14
T. A. Vinogradova Identification of Asteroid Families in the Hungaria Group 20
A. E. Volvach, G. S. Kurbasova, L. N. Volvach The «Simeiz–Katsively» Helio-Geodynamic Area 34
A. S. Glazunov A Differential-Zenithal Method to Determine Astronomical Coordinates for High Latitudes 38
V. Gubanov, S. Kurdubov, S. Mironova, I. Surkis Structural Delays in the VLBI Data Analysis 43
I. Yu. Ignatenko, V. N. Triapytsyn, Yu. V. Ignatenko A Method to Compare Time Scales at a SLR Station and a Satellite 51
A. A. Kluykov, S. P. Kuzin Estimating Kinematic Parameters of the Tectonic Plate Motion 57
D. O. Medyannikov, A. I. Yakovlev A Method to Obtain Geodetic Data in Real Time 61
D. O. Medyannikov, A. I. Yakovlev Formation of a Single Coordinate Space Using a Mobile Network of Reference Stations 66
E. V. Nosov, L. V. Fedotov New Generation Sampling Backend for Radio Telescopes 72
P. N. Parshin The Efficiency Theory of Purposeful Processes to Evaluate the Synchronization System’s Process Quality during its Tests or as a Part of the Rocket, Space and Other Special Equipment 85
A. N. Smirnov Proposals to Improve the System of Archiving Information in the GLONASS System Control Centre 93
E. A. Spiridonov, O. Yu. Vinogradova Love Numbers for the Inelastic Rotating Earth 97
I. N. Tupitsyn Accuracy in the Geodetic Reference Control of the GNSS Systems and its Dependence on Measurement Intervals 105
L. V. Fedotov, S. A. Grenkov, A. E. Melnikov The Accuracy of VLBI Group Delay Measurement using Broadband and Narrowband Channels 109
E. N. Tsyba, N. A. Vostruhov Improvements in the MMC SSTF Tools to Analyze the LLR and SLR Observations 120
Yu. A. Chernetenko Appearance of the Comet Encke’s Outburst Activity in Its Positional Observations 124