Transactions Is. 47. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2018.

ISBN 978-5-93197-062-2

Transactions Is. 47. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2018.

This special issue of the Transactions of IAA RAS contains the materials of the All-Russian Radio Astronomy Conference "Radio Telescopes, Instruments and Methods of Radio Astronomy", which took place in September 2019 in the IAA RAS, St. Petersburg. The articles presented in this and next issues are devoted to the current state of Russian radio telescopes and the directions of their development, domestic and foreign projects of new instruments, antennas and antenna-feeder devices, equipment and methods for achieving high sensitivity, digital and information technologies in radio astronomy, as well as protection from interference. Particular attention is paid to the current state and directions of development of the VLBI.

The results of the most recent IAA RAS scientific investigations are included in this collection as well.

These articles are written for specialists in physics and astronomy.


Yu. S. Bondarenko, D. A. Marshalov Scheduling and Processing Radar Observations in the IAA RAS 3
A. V. Vytnov, P. V. Zinovev, D. V. Ivanov, A. S. Karpichev, A. A. Makhnach, A. A. Tsaruk Time Scale Signal Transfer via Fiber-Optic Lines Using SFP Transceivers 8
A. V. Vytnov, D. V. Ivanov, A. A. Makhnach, A. S. Karpichev, A. A. Tsaruk The Syncronization Control System of “Quasar” VLBI network 12
A. V. Isaenko, I. A. Rakhimov, I. A. Pozdnyakov “Kholod” Automated Control System for Cryostatting RT-32 Receivers 23
N. S. Kardashev, K. G. Belousov, A. V. Biryukov, V. I. Vasilkov, B. Z. Kanevsky, Yu. A. Kovalev, Y. Y. Kovalev, A. V. Kovalenko, V. N. Lukash, B. S. Novikov, A. I. Smirnov, S. D. Fedorchuk “RadioAstron” Space Radio Telescope and Interferometer: Technical Solutions and Operational Experience 31
Yu. A. Kovalev, Yu. V. Sotnikova, A. K. Erkenov, A. V. Popkov, L. N. Volvach,V. I. Vasilkov, M. M. Lisakov, T. A. Semenova, P. G. Tsybulev The Features of the SRT and RATAN-600 Calibration 38
S. L. Kurdubov, S. M. Mironova Estimating PPN Parameter γ from Processing VLBI Series 43
V. B. Khaikin, M. K. Lebedev, N. N. Bursov, A. A. Storozhenko, N. E. Ovchinnikova, V. M. Bogod Methodical Results of the Sun Observations on RATAN-600 Radio Telescope in Tracking (Scanning) Mode 53
V. B. Khaikin, M. K. Lebedev, A. M. Ripak Method of Radio Holography Diagnostics of Surface of RATAN-600 Radio Telescope Main Mirror using Radial Movement of Reference Element 58
V. B. Khaikin, A. A. Storozhenko, S. V. Shlenzin, M. K. Lebedev, M. Yu. Vasil’kov, D. O. Svetlov, V. M. Bogod Project for Modernization of Kinematic Modules, Drives and Control System of Flat Reflector Panels of RATAN-600 Radio Telescope 64
A. R. Shaykhutdinov, A. G. Rudnitsky, S. F. Likhachev, V. I. Kostenko, A. S. Andrianov On Orbital Configuration of Space-VLBI Mission “Millimetron” 72
D. A. Marshalov, Yu. S. Bondarenko, M. V. Vasilyev, E. I. Yagudina, M. B. Zotov, A. G. Mikhailov, Jinsong Ping, Wenxiao Li Observations of the Lunar Module Chang′E-3 Using RT-32 Radio Telescopes 79
Yu. D. Medvedev, A. V. Ipatov, Yu. S. Bondarenko, D. A. Marshalov Estimation of the Physical and Dynamic Characteristics of Asteroids from Radar Observations 85
I. V. Gosachinskij, A. V. Ipatov, S. A. Grenkov, I. A. Rakhimov The Search for a Fast Variability of OH Maser Emission in Sources W3, W49, W51 and W75 for the Period 2015–2017 91
S. A. Grenkov, L. V. Fedotov, A. E. Melnikov Joint VLBI Observations on RT-32 and RT-13 with Wideband and Narrowband Signal Registration 101
E. Yu. Khvostov, Yu. V. Vekshin, I. A. Ipatova, A. V. Krokhalev, A. S. Lavrov, V. V. Mardyshkin A New L-band Two-channel Receiver for the RT-32 Radio Telescope of the “Quasar” Networ 106
А. О. Shamov The Antennas Offset of the “Quasar” VLBI Network 117