Transactions Is. 43. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2017. - 156 p.

ISBN 978-5-93197-055-4

Transactions Is. 43. — SPb.: IAA RAS, 2017. - 156 p.

This special issue of the Transactions of IAA RAS contains the materials of the PNT-2017 — the All-Russian Conference which took place in April 2017 in the IAA RAS, St. Petersburg and was devoted to the fundamental and applied scientific research in positioning, navigation and timing (PNT). The articles collected here cover a wide range of theoretical, methodological, organizational and legal PNT issues. Particular attention is paid to the GLONASS system in the aspects of its maintenance, usage and development; the reference systems created and maintained; the Earth orientation parameters monitored; time scales stored and synchronized; the Earth’s gravity field and its parameters being determined, etc.

The following modern high-precision technical means and methods of PNT are described in detail: radio interferometric network with very long baselines; satellite and lunar laser ranging systems; global navigation satellite systems; time and frequency standards; geographic information systems, etc. Various methods to colocate different technical means are considered.

These articles are written for specialists in physics and astronomy.


A. P. Nazarenko, V. K. Sarian An Increased Role for PNT Service Administrations at the Present Stage 3
V. F. Fateev, E. A. Rybakov High-Precision Definition of Relativistic Effects of Frequency and Time Offset in the Atomic Clock System «Earth-Satellite» 14
B. F. Babaykin, P. V. Beliankin, E. T. Zhukov, N. A. Stepanova, D. V. Filippov Frequency and Phase Correction Using the Direct Digital Synthesis to Produce a Single-Sideband Signal with a Given Spectral Offset 27
I. A. Bezrukov, A. I. Salnikov, V. A. Yakovlev, A. V. Vylegzhanin A Study of the Disk Subsystem Performance in the Data Transfer and Registration System 32
V. S. Vasilev, М. A. Voronov, А. S. Bikov, S. U. Medvedev, B. A. Sakharov The Use of the GNSS Technologies to Determine the Parameters of a Lander’s Trajectory During the Atmospheric Phase of Its Motion 36
E. V. Pitjeva, D. A. Pavlov EPM2015: the New IAA RAS Version of the Ephemerides of Planets and the Moon 42
A. V. Vytnov, D. V. Ivanov, P. V. Zinovev, A. S. Karpichev Possibility to Use Ultrafast Logic Microchips in a VLBI Radio Telescope Phase Calibration System 53
V. L. Gorshkov, A. V. Mokhnatkin, N. V. Scherbakova Creation of a GNSS Station Velocity Database 60
A. P. Ershova, Yu. D. Medvedev, D. E. Vavilov Improved Precision of Numerical Integration for Equations of Motion of Asteroids and Comets 70
A. V. Ipatov, V. A. Demichev, A. E. Melnikov, A. G. Mikhailov W49 Source Structure from VLBI Observational Data of 1.35 cm Wavelength 78
S. P. Kuzin, K. V. Ebauer Geocenter Motion Monitoring Using GNSS, DORIS and SLR Measurements 85
D. A. Marshalov, E. V. Nosov, S. A. Grenkov, A. S. Berdnikov, L. V. Fedotov Development of Multifunctional Digital Backend for Radio Telescopes 95
D. A. Pavlov, E. I. Yagudina Analysis of the Improved Lunar Part of the EPM Ephemerides 104
E. V. Pitjeva, N. P. Pitjev, D. A. Pavlov, M. A. Bodunova Two-dimensional Annuli of the Main Asteroid Belt and Trans-Neptunian Objects and Their Influence on the Motion of Planets 113
Z. A. Pozyaeva Using an Expert Diagnostic System to Find and Remove Failures in the Work of the Ballistic and Navigational Support Software 122
I. F. Surkis, V. O. Ken, Y. L. Kurdubova, N. A. Mishina, V. Y. Mishin, V. A. Shantyr, D. V. Zhuravov, V. F. Zimovsky GPU Based Software Correlators. VLBI Processing Results Using Observations of RT-13 Telescopes 129
K. V. Kholshevnikov, T. N. Sannikova Perturbations in the Motion of an Emitting Satellite 140
A. Tsaruk, A. Karpichev, P. Zinovev, A. Vytnov, D. Ivanov Reference Frequency Signal Transfer to a VLBI Telescope Using an Optical Fiber Line 143