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Russian Radio Interferometer of New Generation

A. Ipatov, D. Ivanov, G. Ilin, V. Olifirov, V. Mardyshkin, I. Surkis, L. Fedotov, I. Gayazov, V. Stempkovsky, Yu. Bondarenko

Proceedings of the 22nd European VLBI Group for Geodesy and Astrometry Working Meeting, 75-79 (2015)

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The Radio Interferometer of new generation, created in the Institute of Applied Astronomy at the stations of ”Quasar” VLBI network is considered. Currently this new Radio Interferometer consists of two antennas with a mirror diameter of 13.2-m installed at the Badary and Zelenchukskaya observatories. All installation works of the antenna systems were finished by the end of 2014. Antenna control system and subreflector were successfully tested. Tri-band Receiving System was installed on the antennas of the Radio Interferometer. The first observations of calibration radio sources were carried out. Processing and analysis of newly obtained data showed that the Radio Interferometer of new generation allows to operate as a part of the International and European VLBI networks.