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EOP determination from observations of Russian VLBI-network ”Quasar”

A. Finkelstein, A. Salnikov, A. Ipatov, S. Smolentsev, I. Surkis, I. Gayazov, I. Rahimov, A. Dyakov, R. Sergeev, E. Skurikhina, S. Kurdubov

Proceedings of the 20th Meeting of the European VLBI Group for Geodesy and Astronomy, In: W. Alef, S. Bernhart, A. Nothnagel (eds), Universität Bonn, 82-85 (2011)

Keywords: EOP, VLBI observations, ”Quasar” network

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Regular determinations of Earth orientation parameters are performed by the Russian ”Quasar” VLBI network since August 2006. The observations are carried out weekly in the framework of two national programs: 24-hour sessions for determination of all EOP from observations on the ”Quasar” network (Ru-E program) and 1-hour sessions for UT1 determination at ”Zelenchukskaya” – ”Badary” baseline (RuU program) using e-VLBI Transfer. For Ru-E sessions with the Mark 5B recording system RMS values of EOP deviations from the IERS EOP 08 C04 series are 0.95 mas for Pole position, 35 µs for UT1-UTC, and 0.40 mas for Celestial Pole position. RMS of UT1 deviations for Ru-U sessions is 60 µs.