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Minor Planets Catalogue on the IAA RAS Website

Aksim D. A., Bezrukov I. A., Bondarenko Yu. S, Vodolagina A. G., Zheleznov N. B., Kochetova O. M., Kuzetsov V. B.

Научные труды Института астрономии РАН, vol. 5(1), 32–35 (2020)

DOI: 10.26087/INASAN.2020.5.1.009

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The Catalogue of Minor Planets on the IAA RAS website is the source of information on the dynamics of small planets ( The Catalogue has been created using mainly original research and programs developed at the IAA RAS. The data of the Catalogue are compared with the data of other research centers, such as the International Planet Center (USA), the Jet Propulsion Laboratories (USA) and the University of Pisa (Italy). It is shown that the asteroid orbital data and the information about the circumstances of the approaches with large planets published on the sites of the IAA RAS and mentioned above research centers mostly are the same. At present, the Catalogue contains information about 542163 minor planets numbered for December 2019. In the Catalogue will be added unnumbered minor planets having several observed oppositions. Based on a talk presented at the XI International Conference “Near-Earth Astronomy and Space Heritage” (Sep 30 — Oct 4, 2019, Kazan, Russia).