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Two-Group Least Squares Method for Space Geodesy Techniques

V. Suvorkin, S. Kurdubov

Proceedings of the All-Russian Conference “Ground-Based Astronomy in Russia. 21st Century”, Special Astrophysical Observatory of RAS Eds: I.I. Romanyuk, I.A. Yakunin, A.F. Valeev, D.J. Kudryavtsev, 458–460 (2020)

DOI: 10.26119/978-5-6045062-0-2_2020_458

Keywords: space vehicles

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Astrometric VLBI observations, laser satellite ranging and GNSS measurements for decades are used in the fundamental and applied research. The paper reviews the adaptation of the two-group Least Squares Method for operational processing of large amounts of observations (up to 10 million of GNSS) per day. The advantages of the proposed method and features of the parameterization are showed.