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A radiointerferometer model based on RT-13 radiotelescopes receiving and recording equipment for the correlation response parameters determination

Y. Vekshin, V. Ken, E. Khvostov, A. Lavrov

Радиотехника, №12, 21–28 (2018)

DOI: DOI 10.18127/j00338486-201812-03

Keywords: радиоинтерферометр, РСДБ, трехдиапазонный приемник, FX-коррелятор, отношение сигнал/шум, задержка корреляционного отклика, групповая задержка, дисперсия Аллана

About the paper


The two element very long baseline radiointerferometer based on the RT-13 radio telescopes of the Russian network "Quasar" is implemented for the Universal Time determination. In order to determine the instrumental errors of the receiving and recording equipment of the RT-13, which affect the accuracy of the Universal Time corrections, the laboratory model of a radio interferometer with zero-baseline was created at Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The model consists of two tri-band (S, X, Ka) heterodyne type receivers, broadband (512 MHz) data acquisition system (as back-end unit) and software RASFX correlator. The results of receiver’s, data acquisition system’s, and the radiointerferometer model total delay stability, calculated using the correlator’s responses, are shown in this paper.