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Halley - Electronic Catalogue of Comets

Bondarenko Yu.S.

EPSC Abstracts, V. 6, EPSC-DPS2011-35-2, 35–36 (2011)

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Halley - Electronic Catalogue of Comets is software for management and working with the comets database, containing Keplerian orbital elements derived from existing catalogues of comets [1] and elements of short-period comets, calculated using the original method [2] developed at the IAA RAS (Institute of Applied Astronomy Russian Academy of Sciences). Also the comets database contains nongravitational and physical parameters of the comets, additional parameters used in the improvement, and other data. The database is updated in case the new data become available. The tasks performed by the electronic catalogue, in addition to database management, include calculation of the orbital evolution of comets and visualization of comet dynamics, detection of close approaches with the major planets in a given time interval, as well as a number of other tasks.