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Radar observations of near-Earth Asteroids using the Quasar VLBI Network Telescopes

Bondarenko Yu.S., Medvedev Yu.D., Vavilov D.E., Marshalov D.A.

EPSC Abstracts, V. 11, EPSC2017-744, 744–745 (2017)

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We report results of intercontinental bistatic radar observations of near-Earth Asteroids 2011 UW158, 2003 YT1, 2014 JO25 and 2003 BD44 which have been carried out using the Goldstone and Quasar VLBI Network Telescopes for three years. Analysis of observations allowed us to estimate the size and spin period, which agrees with the photometric observations as well as obtain some information about asteroid’s shape and near-surface roughness.