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Halley – электронные эфемериды

Y. Bondarenko

Известия ГАО в Пулкове, № 220. Труды Всероссийской астрометрической конференции «Пулково-2012», 169–172 (2013)

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The author developed and realized software named HALLEY after Edmond Halley – the originator of the first catalog of cometary orbits. HALLEY is software that allows you to work with regularly updated data base of small bodies of the Solar System. The database contains orbital and physical parameters of asteroids and comets. Preparation of new database records is made using specially developed software. The HALLEY database is updated automatically and files with regular updates are stored on the IAA RAS server. The tasks performed by the HALLEY, in addition to database management (search, selecting and sorting the elements of the database, adding new and editing existing records etc.) include calculation of the orbital evolution of small bodies of the Solar System, visualization of the orbital motion, the ephemeris calculation in various coordinate systems, detection of close approaches with the major planets in a given time interval as well as a number of other tasks. The HALLEY is intended for use with a personal computer with Microsoft Windows ® XP, Vista or 7 and has an interface in Russian and English.