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The Digital Data Acquisition System for the Russian VLBI Network of New Generation

Leonid Fedotov, Eugeny Nosov, Sergey Grenkov, Dmitry Marshalov

IVS 2010 General Meeting Proceedings “VLBI2010: From Vision to Reality”, Dirk Behrend and Karen D. Baver (eds), 400–404 (2010)

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The system consists of several identical channels of 1024 MHz bandwidth each. In each channel, the RF band is frequency-translated to the intermediate frequency range 1 − 2 GHz. Each channel consists of two parts: the digitizer and Mark 5C recorder. The digitizer is placed on the antenna close to the corresponding Low-Noise Amplifier output and consists of the analog frequency converter, ADC, and a device for digital processing of the signals using FPGA. In the digitizer the subdigitization on frequency of 2048 MHz is used. For producing narrow-band channels and to interface with existing data acquisition systems, the polyphase filtering with FPGA can be used. Digital signals are re-quantized to 2-bits in the FPGA and are transferred to an input of Mark 5C through a fiber line. The breadboard model of the digitizer is being tested, and the data acquisition system is being designed.