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Studies of the pathlength fluctuations throug the troposphere using geostationary satellite observations

Stotskii A. A., Stotskaya I. M.

Preprints of IAA RAS, № 34 (1991)


The results of measuring the fluctuations in angle of arrival of radio wave from geostationary satelliteat 4 GHz were presented. Observations were taken with an interferometer of 145 m bseline. The measurements consisted of 123 observation sessions of 10 min and more randomly selected in terms of time of day. Relationships that connect the temporal structure function of fluctuations measured with the temporal spatial structure functions of pathlength through the troposphere were obtained. The results of observations are in good agreement with turbulent model of pathlength structure function. On the base of experimental data there were determined the parameters of temporal structure function of pathlength through the troposphere (exponent, structure coefficient). The meaning or spatial structure function and average velocity of irregularity transference, which connected spatial and temporal parameters. The distributions of these values were found.