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The Level of Rapid Response Reaction of the Planetary Defense System

A. V. Zaitsev, A. Koroteev, B. Liaschuk, S. Popov.

Protecting the Earth against Collisions with Asteroids and Comet Nuclei, In: A. M. Finkelstein, W. F. Huebner, V. A. Shor (Eds) Proceedings of the International Conference “Asteroid-Comet Hazard-2009”, StP: Nauka, 362–368 (2010)

Ключевые слова: Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), Near Earth Objects (NEOs), Planetary Defense System (PDS), rapid response reaction (RRR), deliberate and well-planned reaction, reconnaissance spacecraft, intercepting spacecraft, dangerous celestial bodies (DCBs), deflection or destruction of DCBs, to identify a DCB, nuclear methods, kinetic impactors in the RRR structure

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The necessity to include two basic levels — a level for rapid response reaction (RRR) and a level for deliberate and well-planned reaction — in the structure of the Planetary Defense System (PDS) has been substantiated in [1-3]