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AMPLE 3 — Multi-purpose Software Package for Asteroids and Comets

F. A. Novikov, V. A. Shor, T. G. Vega, O. M. Kochetova, Yu. D. Medvedev, I. N. Netsvetaev, G. A. Netsvetaeva, U. N. Tihonova, N. B. Zheleznov

Protecting the Earth against Collisions with Asteroids and Comet Nuclei, In: A. M. Finkelstein, W. F. Huebner, V. A. Shor (Eds) Proceedings of the International Conference “Asteroid-Comet Hazard-2009”, StP: Nauka, 32–42 (2010)

Ключевые слова: Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), Near Earth Objects (NEOs), Small Solar System Body (SSSB), AMPLE 3, an integrated multi-purpose software package, asteroids, comets

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An integrated multi-purpose software package AMPLE 3 for dealing with asteroids and comets is described