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Measurements of radio telescope receiving system noise temperatures of two-elements radio interferometer with very long baseline

И. Е. Арсаев, Y. Vekshin, А. И. Лапшин, V. Mardyshkin, М. В. Саргсян, E. Khvostov, V. Chernov, Э. Ф. Юрчук

Измерительная техника, №3, 51–54 (2018)

DOI: 10.32446/0368-1025it.2018-3-51-54

Keywords: radio interferometer, radio telescope, noise temperature, calibration

About the paper


The results of experimental studies of noise temperatures of the receiver system (NT RS) of radio telescope RT-13 of two-elements radio interferometer with syperlong base in the frequency ranges S (2,2–2,6 GHz), X (7,0–9,5 GHz) and Ka (28–34 GHz) are shown.. The experimental results has been obtained with use of wide-aperture low-temperature generators noise. Limits of permissible error of measurement NT RS (P=0,95) of RT-13 were not more than 3,5 К.