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Russian astronomical ephemeris editions and software

Glebova N., Lukashova M., Netsvetaeva G., Sveshinikov M., Skipnichenko V.

Proceedings of the Journées 2014 "Systèmes de Référence Spatio-Temporels", Z. Malkin and N. Capitaine (eds), Pulkovo observatory, 252-253 (2015)

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Institute of Applied Astronomy has published “The Astronomical Yearbook”, “The Nautical Astronomical Yearbook”, “The Nautical Astronomical Almanac” biennial. Ephemerides are calculated according to resolutions of GA IAU of 2000-2006. The EPM domestic theory of movement of the Solar system bodies is used in Russian astronomical ephemeris editions and software since 2009 according to the recommendations of the conference CTNS-2007. Along with printing the astronomical software are elaborated. “The Personal Astronomical Yearbook” (PersAY) allows the user to solve tasks of calculation of ephemerides for any moment in various time scales, and for any position of the observer on a terrestrial surface. System of the removed access the “Scturman” is developed also intended to solve some the navigating tasks.