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Estimation of a number of Jupiter Trojans

T. Vinogradova

Известия ГАО в Пулкове, № 223: Труды Всероссийской астрометрической конференции «Пулково-2015», Санкт-Петербург, 169–174 (2016)

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A number of Jupiter Trojans with diameters larger than 1 km is estimated as 6×105. The number of these asteroids about the L4 Lagrangian point (NL4 = 4×1e5 ) is two times higher than that about the L5 (NL5 = 2×1e5). It is found that the NL4/NL5 ratio increases at smaller asteroid sizes or higher absolute magnitudes. This can be explained by the existence of asteroid families in L4 swarm. The number of Trojans is found to be five times less than the number of asteroids in the main belt.