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Co-location of Space Geodetic Instruments at the “Quasar” VLBI Network Observatories

Andrey Finkelstein, Alexander Ipatov, Iskander Gayazov, Victor Shargorodsky, Sergey Smolentsev, Victor Mitryaev, Alexander Diyakov, Valeri Olifirov, Ismail Rahimov

IVS 2012 General Meeting Proceedings “Launching the Next-Generation IVS Network”, Dirk Behrend and Karen D. Baver (eds), 157–160 (2012)

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This paper discusses the current status of creating the co-location stations at the observatories of the Russian VLBI network “Quasar”. Satellite Laser Ranging systems “Sazhen-TM” manufactured by Research-and-Production Corporation “Precision Systems and Instruments” were installed at all observatories of the network in 2011. The main technical characteristics of the SLR system and the co-location of high-precision observational instruments at the observatories are presented in this paper.