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Fluctuation characteristics of pathlength throug the troposphere

Stotskii A. A., Stotskaya I. M.

Preprints of IAA RAS, № 26 (1990)


The space and temporary structure functions of pathlength through the troposphere constructed on the base of turbulence theory are considered. These structure functions include two main domains: the power law of 5/3 (three-dimension turbulence, small scales) and the power law of 2/3 (two-dimension turbulence, large scales). To determine the parameters of these structure functions there were used radio astronomy and radiosonde data and special measurements of atmospheric phase fluctuation using geostationary satellite signals. The special measurements consisted of 123 observing sessions of 10 min and more ran-domly selected in terms of time of day. The observations were made at 8 cm wavelength by us-ing the interferometer with the base of 145 m. These measurements gave statistic data for the structure function in three-dimension do-main where scales less than scale height of the troposphere. There were found the distribution functions of the power law index, the structure coefficient, the velccity of irregularity transfer-ence and others.