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IAU resolutions on reference systems and time scales in practice

V. A. Brumberg, E. Groten

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 367, 1070-1077 (2001)

Ключевые слова: relativity, reference systems, time, astrometry, celestial mechanics

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To be consistent with IAU/IUGG (1991) resolutions ICRS and ITRS should be treated as four–dimensional reference systems with TCB and TCG time scales, respectively, interrelated by a four–dimensional general relativistic transformation. This two–way transformation is given in the form adapted for actual application. The use of TB and TT instead of TCB and TCG, respectively, involves scaling factors complicating the use of this transformation in practice. New IAU B1 (2000) resolution is commented taking in mind some points of possible confusion in its practical application. The problem of the relationship of the theory of reference systems with the parameters of common relevance to astronomy, geodesy and geodynamics is briefly outlined.