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Solid Body Tides in the Dynamical Model of the Moon

D. Pavlov

Proceedings of the Journées 2019 “Systèmes de référence temps-espace”, C. Bizouard (ed.), Observatoire de Paris, 309–314 (2020)

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The dynamical model of the orbital-rotational motion of the Moon, used in numerically integrated lunar ephemeris, accounts for tidal dissipation. However, it does not explain some long-term signatures that are detected by lunar laser ranging (LLR) observations. One cause of those signatures may be that the lunar crust experiences tidal deformations at different bands, and tidal Q factor depends on and; however, the dynamical model has a single tidal delay and does not have a concept of tidal band. An attempt to improve the dynamical model, introducing two delays instead of one, is made in this work. One delay is applied to the diagonal elements of the inertia tensor, while the other delay is applied to the non-diagonal elements. It turns out that the two delays are well separated and some of the residual long-term signatures are significantly different from those obtained with one-delay model.