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Method of determining the orbits of the small bodies in the solar system based on an exhaustive search of orbital planes

Bondarenko Yu.S., Vavilov D.E., Medvedev Yu.D.

Solar System Research, V. 48. № 3, 212–216 (2014)

DOI: 10.1134/S0038094614030010

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A universal method of determining the orbits of newly discovered small bodies in the Solar System using their positional observations has been developed. The proposed method suggests determining geocentric distances of a small body by means of an exhaustive search for heliocentric orbital planes and subsequent determination of the distance between the observer and the points at which the chosen plane intersects with the vectors pointing to the object. Further, the remaining orbital elements are determined using the classical Gauss method after eliminating those heliocentric distances that have a fortiori low probabilities. The obtained sets of elements are used to determine the rms between the observed and calculated positions. The sets of elements with the least rms are considered to be most probable for newly discovered small bodies. Afterwards, these elements are improved using the differential method.