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Numerical Standards of Fundamental Astronomy

Brian J. Luzum, Nicole Capitaine, Agnès Fienga, William M. Folkner, Toshio Fukushima, James L. Hilton, Catherine Y. Hohenkerk, George A. Krasinsky, Gérard Petit, Elena V. Pitjeva, Michael H. Soffel, Patrick T. Wallace

Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, Volume 4, Issue T27A (Transactions), 60-62 (2009)

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The IAU Working Group (WG) on Numerical Standards for Fundamental Astronomy has been tasked with updating the IAU Current Best Estimates (CBEs), conforming with the IAU Resolutions, IERS Conventions and Système International d'Unités whenever possible. As part of its effort to achieve this, the WG is working in close cooperation with IAU Commissions 4 and 52, the IERS, and the BIPM Consultative Committee for Units.