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The first results of VLBI observations at the Svetloe observatory in the framework of the IVS observing programs

A. Fikelstein, V. Gratchev, A. Ipatov, Z. Malkin, I. Rahimov, E. Skurikhina, S. Smolentsev

Proceedings of the Journées 2003 "Systèmes de Référence Spatio-Temporels", A. Finkelstein & N. Capitaine (eds.), Institute of Applied Astronomy, St. Petersburg, 32-38 (2004)

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In this paper results of the first 10 geodetic VLBI sessions observed at the Svetloe Radio Astronomical Observatory (SvRAO) of the Institute of Applied Astronomy (IAA) since Marh 2003 in the framework of the IVS observing programs after installation of Mark 3A terminal in cooperation with NASA. Analysis of observations has been performed at the IAA using OCCAM/GROSS software. The processing of the observations allowed us to determine with high accuracy both the coordinates of the SvRAO and Earth orientation parameters. It is also shown that including Svetloe observatory in the IVS network yields essential improvement of the auray of determination of the EOP. Obtained results show high quality of both observations and analysis made at the IAA.