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Lunar numerical theory EPM2008 from analysis of LLR data

E. I. Yagudina

Proceedings of the Journées 2008 "Systèmes de Référence Spatio-Temporels", M. Soffel and N. Capitaine (eds.), Lohrmann-Observatorium and Observatoire de Paris, 61-64 (2009)

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The analysis of Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) data from 1970 till 2008 has been carried out to improve the lunar part of the luni-solar ephemerides EPM2008 under developing. The dynamical model of the lunar rotation takes into account the effects of elasticity of the lunar body and the tidal dissipation in the Moon. The orbital parameters of the Moon, parameters of the physical libration and coordinates of the retro-reflectors have been estimated. The new ephemeris are compared with DE403, DE405 and DE421 versions of the JPL ephemerides. All the calculations have been carried out in the framework of the universal software package ERA developed for scientific research in the ephemeris and dynamical astronomy.