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Numerical standards of fundamental astronomy working group update

B. Luzum, J. Hilton, N. Capitaine, A. Fienga, B. Folkner, I. Fukushima, J. Hilton, C. Hohenkerk, G. Krasinsky, G. Petit, E. Pitjeva, M. Soffel, P. Wallace

Proceedings of the Journées 2010 "Systèmes de Référence Spatio-Temporels", N. Capitaine (ed.), Observatoire de Paris, 3-5 (2011)

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The Working Group (WG) for Numerical Standards of Fundamental Astronomy was initiated at the 2006 International Astronomical Union (IAU) General Assembly (GA). At the 2009 IAU GA, Resolution B2 adopted the Current Best Estimates (CBEs) assembled by the NSFA WG as the IAU (2009) System of Astronomical Constants. With the initial task completed, the WG turned its attention to other tasks of importance to its long-term success. These tasks include identifying the best methods for maintaining an IAU list of CBEs as well as setting up an archival system for past values of CBEs. Addressing these issues will standardize the maintenance of a documented list of CBEs, allowing this task to be provided as an IAU service. An update on these activities is provided. In addition, unresolved questions regarding the Gaussian gravitation constant and the use of the astronomical unit and the mass of the Sun will be discussed.