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EPM-ERA2011 lunar ephemeris and selenodynamical parameters from LLR (1970-2011) data

E. I. Yagudina, G. A. Krasinsky, S.O. Prokhorenko

Proceedings of the Journées 2011 "Systèmes de Référence Spatio-Temporels", H. Schuh, S. Böhm, T. Nilsson and N. Capitaine (eds), Vienna University of Technology, (2012)

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The modern Lunar ephemerides are constructed at JPL,USA (DE403,DE405, DE421); in Institute of Celestial Mechanics, France (series of INPOP) and at the Institute of Applied Astronomy RAS in the framework of ERA system (Krasinsky and Vasiliev, 1996). The dynamical model EPM-ERA has been constructed by simultaneous numerical integration of equations of orbital motion of the Moon, major planets, the biggest asteroids, and the lunar rotation. The dissipative effect of lunar rotation was included in the new version of ephemeris with retarded argument under integration of orbital and rotational Lunar motion. The comparison of improved dynamical model was made with 17742 LLR observations (1970-2011) for obtaining selenodynamical parameters. The version has been compared with three versions of the DE ephemerides and French ephemeris INPOP10.