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SINCom - the new program package for combined processing of space geodetic observations

Brattseva O., Gayazov I., Kurdubov S., Suvorkin V.

Proceedings of the Journées 2014 "Systèmes de Référence Spatio-Temporels", Malkin and N. Capitaine (eds), Pulkovo observatory, 250-251 (2015)

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The software SINCom realizing the combination of standardized SINEX-files is introduced. The program package is meant to work in the following two modes: a combined solution within one observational technique on the appointed time interval and an inter-technique combination of daily SINEX-files. The realization of stations velocities estimation is recounted. The mathematical model, algorithms and the special task-forming language are presented. The main features of developed software and the arising problems are discussed. The problem-oriented aspects and the requirements for the content of incoming SINEX-files are viewed. The extensive plans of the SINCom use to obtaining TRF combined solution are considered. The first experimental results of single-technique combination for VLBI, GPS and SLR observations are presented.