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Planned LLR station in Russia and its impact on the lunar ephemeris accuracy

Vasilyev M., Yagudina E., Torre J.-M., Feraudy D.

Proceedings of the Journées 2014 "Systèmes de Référence Spatio-Temporels", Z. Malkin and N. Capitaine (eds), Pulkovo observatory, 112-115 (2015)

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Precise modern Lunar Ephemerides (DE/LE, USA; INPOP serias, France and EPM-ERA IAA, Russia) are based only on LLR (Lunar Laser Ranging) observations obtained at sixth LLR ground stations during 1969-2013 years. At present there are only four stations active: Grasse(Cerga), McDonald, Apache Point (Apollo) and Matera (Italy). To improve the accuracy of lunar ephemerides the new stations are necessary. Now exist two projects of new LLR stations: Altay (Russia) and Hartebeesthoek in South Africa (1m telescope). La Silla (Chilli) station is very promising but now only under theoretical consideration. In the paper, the impact of a installation of new LLR device on the 3.12 m telescope at Altay station Siberia, Russia is considered. To check the actuality of the project it should be shown, in particular, that the accuracy of the lunar ephemeris will visibly increase. The only way to prove that fact now is the numerical simulation