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Co-location of Space Geodetic Techniques at the “Quasar” VLBI Network Observatories

A. Ipatov, I. Gayazov, S. Smolentsev, D. Ivanov, G. Ilin, N. Shuygina, Yu. Bondarenko

IVS 2014 General Meeting Proceedings "VGOS: The New VLBI Network", Dirk Behrend, Karen D. Baver, and Kyla L. Armstrong (Eds), 173–177 (2014)

Ключевые слова: s VLBI, SLR, GNSS, DORIS, co-location

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The current status of the co-location of space geodetic techniques at the observatories of the “Quasar” VLBI network is considered. The main technical characteristics, co-located high-precision observational instruments, and their systems as well as some results of sessions are presented.