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Current Development State of the Russian VLBI Broadband Acquisition System

Evgeny Nosov, Anton Berdnikov, Sergey Grenkov, Dmitriy Marshalov, Alexey Melnikov, Leonid Fedotov

IVS 2014 General Meeting Proceedings "VGOS: The New VLBI Network", Dirk Behrend, Karen D. Baver, and Kyla L. Armstrong (Eds), 82–85 (2014)

Ключевые слова: BRAS, MDBE, DAS, FPGA, Quasar network

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The Institute of Applied Astronomy is currently creating a new radio interferometer consisting of two 13-meter antennas. A Broadband Acquisition System (BRAS) was developed and manufactured to equip the antennas with modern digital backends. BRAS contains eight 512-MHz channels. Each channel has a separate 10G Ethernet fiber link for transmitting the output data. The data consist of 2-bit or 8-bit samples packed into VDIF frames. We are currenlty performing tests of two created systems and are developing a new version of BRAS with 1024 MHz channels.