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The New Generation Russian VLBI Network

Andrey Finkelstein, Alexander Ipatov, Sergey Smolentsev, Vyacheslav Mardyshkin, Leonid Fedotov, Igor Surkis, Dmitrij Ivanov, Iskander Gayazov

IVS 2010 General Meeting Proceedings “VLBI2010: From Vision to Reality”, Dirk Behrend and Karen D. Baver (eds), 106–110 (2010)

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This paper deals with a new project of the Russian VLBI Network dedicated for Universal Time determinations in quasi on-line mode. The basic principles of the network design and location of antennas are explained. Variants of constructing receiving devices, digital data acquisition system, and phase calibration system are specially considered. The frequency ranges and expected values of noise temperature are given.