Труды ИПА РАН, вып. 8, 2002 г.


The volume contains the extended abstracts of papers presented at the international conference “Celestial Mechanics – 2002: Results and Prospects” (IAA, St. Petersburg, 10–14 September 2002). These abstracts actually representing compact publications cover different aspects of modern celestial mechanics including theories of motion of the Solar system bodies, mathematical techniques of perturbation theory, investigation of extrasolar planetary systems, advances in physical models for celestial mechanics. The volume is intended for specialists in celestial mechanics and related fields.

Y. A. Abdel-Aziz, E. Wnuk Dynamics of artificial satellite orbits with the effects of luni-solar perturbations 5
E. Yu. Aleshkina Determination of UTO from lunar laser ranging data analysis 7
J. E. Arlot The projects of IMCCE concerning the natural planetary satellites 9
V. A. Avdyushev Numerical stabilization of orbital motion 13
Yu. V. Barkin Rotation theory of celestial bodies: dynamical relations of the pole motion and nutation 15
N. Baron, J. E. Arlot The ephemerides server of the Institut de mecanique celeste et de calcul des ephemerides 18
Yu. V. Baryshev Generalized Nordtvedt effect and tests of equivalence principle for rotating bodies 20
N. V. Batkhina, A. B. Batkhin High precision parallel algorithms of numerical integration of celestial mechanics problems 22
Yu.V. Batrakov Orbits with osculation of higher orders and their use in celestial mechani 24
A. P. Baturin An approximate projection of confidence ellipsoids of space objects positions onto the celestial sphere 26
V.V. Beletsky, M. L. Pivovarov, A. A. Savchenko Regular and chaotic relative motion of a dumb-bell-shaped satellite 27
D. Benest Regularity and chaos for planetary orbits in binaries 29
T. V. Bordovitsyna, V. A. Avdushev, A. M. Chernitsov Two trends in the development of numerical algorithms of celestial mechanics 31
P. Bretagnon Analytical theories of the motion of the planets and of the rotation of the rigid Earth 33
V. A. Brumberg Relativistic celestial mechanics-2002: results and prospects 37
L. E. Bykova Investigation of stability of NEAs orbital resonance motions by numerical methods 43
L. E. Bykova, V. P. Titarenko Solution stabilization algorithms for the estimation of small bodies orbital parameters 45
N. Callegari Jr., T. A. Michtchenko, S. Ferraz-Mello Dynamics of resonant planets: The resonances 2:1, 3:2 and 5:2 47
Yu. A. Chernetenko Using positional observations of minor planets for improving the orientation of star catalogue 51
F. Deleflie, G. Metris, P. Exertier An analytical solution of Lagrange planetary equations valid also for very low eccentricities 53
P. Descamps Connection between apparent and real orbits of a binary system 55
N. V. Emelianov Natural satellites dynamics from observations 57
V. V. Emel'yanenko Symplectic integrators for studying the long-term evolution of high-eccentricity orbits 61
G.I. Eroshkin, V. V. Pashkevich High-precision numerical theory of the rigid Earth rotation taking into account the geodetic perturbations 63
A. Fienga Two problems in solar systems dynamics, possible solutions and future 65
A. M. Fominov Earth penumbra effects on AES motion taking into account the refraction and the extinction of the light in the atmosphere 67
T. Fukushima New precession formula 69
T. Yu. Galushina The motion of asteroids at the 5:2 resonance with Jupiter 75
I. S. Gayazov Parameterization of the Solar Radiation Pressure model for GPS satellites 77
O. F. Grigoryan, Yu. D. Medvedev On non-gravitational acceleration in Harrington-Abell comet motion due to Jupiter 79
A. Gusev, I. Kitiashvili Precession and free core nutation of neutron stars 81
A. Gusev, N. Petrova, N. Kawano, and RISE group FCN-period depen dence on dynamic characteristics of a lunar core 83
S. I. Ipatov Formation and migration of trans-Neptunian objects 86
S. I. Ipatov Migration of asteroids from the 3/1 and 5/2 resonances with Jupiter to the Earth 88
T. V. Ivanova, N. V. Shuygina Analysis of SLR observations of the Etalon geodetic satellites 90
V. V. Ivashkin Analysis of the Earth-to-Moon trajectories of new type with the temporary capture of a particle by the Moon 92
N. S. Kardashev, B. B. Kreisman, Yu. N. Ponomarev High orbit for the RadioAstron project 94
M. O. Keshin First results of GPS orbit determination with GRAPE pack age using a square-root information filter 96
K. V. Kholshevnikov Precision increase for the theory of relative motion of a satellite's pair 98
T. P. Kiseleva, I. S. Izmailov, M. A. Mozhaev CCD observations of plane tary satellites and occultations and close approachments of stars by asteroids with 26-inch refractor of Pulkovo observatory 100
V. Koblik, E. Polyakhova Solar sails as space-based screens against Earth's climatic warming 102
O. M. Kochetova Estimation of masses of some minor planets from observations of perturbed bodies 104
V. V. Kouprianov, I. I. Shevchenko The Lyapunov spectra in spin-orbit dynamics 106
G. A. Krasinsky Selenodynamical parameters from analysis of LLR observations of 1970-2001 108
G. A. Krasinsky Duirnal pole tides and determination of static and dynamic Love numbers from analysis of VLBI observations 1998-2001 109
B. B. Kreisman Families of periodic solutions of the planar restricted three-body problem and their application at designing the orbit for the space radiotelescope 110
S. M. Kudryavtsev An improved analytical technique for accurate calcula tion of satellite motion perturbations due to the Moon/Sun/planets 112
V. B. Kuznetsov Determination of rectilinear orbits 115
E. D. Kuznetsov, K. V. Kholshevnikov, A. V. Greb Expansion of the Hamiltonian of the planetary three-body problem into Poisson series in all elements using Poisson series processor PSP 117
V. Lainey, A. Vienne Toward new ephemerides for the Galilean system 119
E. Lega, C. Froeschle, M. Guzzo On the detection of slow diffusion along resonances in Hamiltonian systems 121
A. Lopez Garcia, J. A. Morano Fernandez, A. F. Martinez, E. Yagudina The Major Planets Satellite Observations with CCD techniques 125
M. V. Lukashova, L. I. Rumjantseva Canon of solar eclipses in Russia for the interval 1000-2050 127
Yu. D. Medvedev On figure of a sublimating cometary nucleus 129
A. V. Melnikov Modelling of lightcurves of minor planetary satellites 131
A. Milani Celestial Mechanics and the real Solar System: measurements, models and tests 133
B.R. Mushailov, A. A. Kaloshin Dynamic evolution of resonance orbits of exoplanets in system 47 Uma 137
B.R. Mushailov, A. A. Kaloshin Preliminary results of search studies ofpredicted hypothetical objects beyond the orbit of Jupiter 139
A. L Neishtadt, D. Scheeres, V. V. Sidorenko, A. A. Vasiliev Analytical constraints on comet nucleus rotation 141
N. Petrova, A. Gusev, K. Heki, H. Hanada, N. Kawano and ILOM Research Group Physical libration of the Moon: the results and the perspectives 143
M. S. Petrovskaya, A. N. Vershkov High-accuracy modelling of the Earth's gravitational potential from GOCE satellite gradiometry mission 146
E. V. Pitjeva EPM2002 and EPM2002C — two versions of high accuracy numerical planetary ephemerides constructed for TDB and TCB time scales 148
V. E Prokhorenko Geometrical analysis of solutions of restricted three-body problem 151
N. Yu. Saburova Comparison of conditionally periodic solutions with the results of numerical integration in the two rigid body problem 153
V. A. Shefer Superosculating intermediate orbits and their applications to study the perturbed motion 155
V. A. Shefer Determination of preliminary orbits including perturbations 157
V. A. Shor, A. Yu. Bytsin, Yu. A. Chernetenko, O. M. Kochetova, V. D. Mikheeva, G. A. Netsvetaeva, E. Yu. Parijskaya, V. E Skripnichenko, N. K. Sumzina, T. A. Vinogradova New possibilities for ephemeris support of minor planets 159
L. L. Sokolov On the orbits of extrasolar planets 161
V. G. Sokolov On convergence domains of expansions of disturbing function of the planetary three-body problem in powers of eccentricities 163
A. S. Solov'ev To a problem of perturbed motion of comets 165
E. M. Standish Present and Future Ephemerides: Requirements and Limitations 166
V. S. Ural'skaya, N. V. Emelianov Celestial Mechanics in Internet — Russian web-site 170
M. A. Vashkov'yak On the development of M. L. Lidov's techniques on the evolution of satellite orbits 172
M. V. Vasiliev, E. L Yagudina Station coordinates from observations of DORIS system TOPEX/Poseidon satellite 176
A. Vienne, W. Thuillot, J. E. Arlot Dynamics of the Saturnian system with regard to high precision observations 178
T. A. Vinogradova Visible motion of minor planets 180
M. D. Zamarashkina, J. D. Medvedev Estimate of P/Shoemaker-Levy nucleus size 182
A. S. Zimovschikov, N. N. Titova, V. N. Tkhai Periodic orbits in photogravitational three-body problem 184