What is Halley?

Halley is a free software for management and working with the regularly updated database of comets, containing Keplerian orbital elements, non-gravitational and physical parameters of the comets and other data. The tasks performed by Halley software, in addition to database management, include calculation of the orbital evolution of small-bodies and visualization of their dynamics, detection of close approaches with the major planets in a given time interval, as well as a number of other tasks.

Halley 0.06 Download installer for Windows


Regular updates

Regularly updated database of comets

Fast Search

Fast Search of comets by any element

High Speed and Precision

High-speed integration of the equations of motion and high-precision calculation of small-bodies orbits

And more features

Complete database management with possibility of adding your own objects, visualization of small-bodies orbits, calculation of orbital evolution, moments of perihelion passages, close approaches and more.