Dissertational Board of IAA RAS

The dissertation council D002.067.01 of the Institute of Applied Astronomy RAS was approved by the order 1634-885 of the Higher Qualifying Commission of July 13, 2007.

Chairman: Alexander V. Ipatov, D. Sc. Technical sciences, Prof.

Deputy Chairman: Yury D. Medvedev, D. Sc. Physics and mathematics, Prof.

Scientific Secretary: Yuri S. Bondarenko, Ph. D. Physics and mathematics.

The Council accepts theses for a Ph.D. and D.Sc. level degrees in physics and mathematics on speciality 01.03.01 – “Astrometry and celestial mechanics” and theses for a PhD in engineering science on speciality 01.03.02 — “Astrophysics and radio astronomy”.


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191187 St. Petersburg, Russia

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Fax: +7 (812)-275-1119
E-mail: medvedev@iaaras.ru

Assembly hall of IAA RAS

Dissertations reviewed by the IAA RAS council (Russian)

Dissertations completed at the IAA RAS (Russian)