EPM (Ephemeris of Planets and the Moon) include high-precision ephemeris of the Sun, the planets (including Pluto), the Moon, three largest asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Vesta) and 4 TNO (Eris, Haumea, Makemake, Sedna), as well as lunar libration and TT-TDB.

EPM cover the timespan of more than 400 years (1787–2214).

The most recent version of EPM is EPM2017. Together with EPM2017, a “long” version EPM2017H has been released. EPM2017H is similar to EPM2017, but covers the timespan of more than 13100 years (10107 BC – AD 3036). (“H” stands for “Holocene”).

The previous version of EPM was EPM2015.

The description of earlier versions of the EPM is available on the FTP server of the IAA RAS: EPM2011/m, EPM2008, EPM2004.


EPM2017 can be found on the FTP server of the IAA RAS, as well as the previous versions of EPM in their respective directories. While IAA binary and ASCII formats, originally used for EPM, are still supported, users are encouraged to use the SPK and PCK formats, also known as the SPICE formats. The list of provided software to access the EPM ephemeris in SPICE and other formats is given in the User manual.

IAA RAS provides an interactive web tool for obtaining ephemeris tables according to various versions of ephemerides.