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Automatic Layout and Publishing of Scientific and Software Documentation

Pavlov D. A.

Компьютерные инструменты в образовании, № 6, 39–46 (2018)

DOI: 10.32603/2071-2340-2018-6-39-46

Keywords: documentation, document processing, Pandoc, Markdown

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The article presents a new tool for automatic layout and publishing of scientific and software documentation in accordance with the requirements of GOST, the Russian national standards. The tool is called GOSTdown (GOST + Markdown) and is designed for large documents created jointly by several participants. Usually such documents are developed in Microsoft Word. GOSTdown is a set of templates and scripts that allow users to work on the content of a document in Markdown format, resulting in an automatically assembled document in DOCX format that does not require manual modification. GOSTdown is based on a universal document converter Pandoc and the Powershell scripting language.