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Co-location of Space Geodetic Instruments at the “Quasar” VLBI Network Observatories

Authors: Andrey Finkelstein, Alexander Ipatov, Iskander Gayazov, Victor Shargorodsky, Sergey Smolentsev, Victor Mitryaev, Alexander Diyakov, Valeri Olifirov, Ismail Rahimov

Journal: IVS 2012 General Meeting Proceedings “Launching the Next-Generation IVS Network” Dirk Behrend and Karen D. Baver (eds), 157–160

Year: 2012

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This paper discusses the current status of creating the co-location stations at the observatories of the Russian VLBI network “Quasar”. Satellite Laser Ranging systems “Sazhen-TM” manufactured by Research-and-Production Corporation “Precision Systems and Instruments” were installed at all observatories of the network in 2011. The main technical characteristics of the SLR system and the co-location of high-precision observational instruments at the observatories are presented in this paper.