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Программный коррелятор для обработки наблюдений РСДБ-сети малых антенн. Результаты первых испытаний

Authors: Surkis I., Zimovsky V., Ken V., Kurdubova Y., Mishin V., Mishina N., Violetta S.

Journal: Transactions of IAA RAS вып. 36, 83–89

Year: 2016

Keywords: РСДБ, VGOS, программный коррелятор, ГПУ. VGOS, Software Correlator, Quasar VLBI network, commissioning

В 2014 г. впервые в России в ИПА РАН был создан и испытан программный коррелятор для обработки наблюдений РСДБ-сети малых антенн стандарта VGOS. Коррелятор предназначен для обработки в режиме квазиреального времени широкополосных РСДБ-наблюдений 6 станций, 4 частотных диапазонов и 2 поляризаций [1, 2] The first Russian software correlator for a new VGOS VLBI network was developed and tested in 2014. The correlator was designed to be capable of near-real time processing wideband VLBI observations from 6 stations, 4 frequency channels and 2 polarizations each. The RAS software correlator is based on the FX algorithm and implemented on a hybrid blade-server HPC cluster which contains Tesla K20 GPUs in addition to regular CPUs on each server blade. GPUs are used for the most time-consuming operations. The correlator was tested using simulated and real VLBI data. The tests with a maximal data rate were a success. The new correlator was used to process the VLBI data (UT1UTC determined) received from the new 13-meter telescopes of the VLBI network Quasar