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Specialized Celestial Mechanics Systems for Symbolic Manipulation

V. A. Brumberg, S. V. Tarasevich, N. N. Vasiliev

, In: P. Kenneth Seidelmann, Jean Kovalevsky (Eds.) Applications of Computer Technology to Dynamical Astronomy, 149-162 (1989)

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Construction and application of the current high accuracy analytical theories of motion of celestial bodies necessitates the development of specialized software for the implementation of analytical algorithms of celestial mechanics. This paper describes a typical software package of this kind. This package includes a universal Poisson processor for the rational functions of many variables, a tensorial processor for purposes of relativistic celestial mechanics, a Keplerian processor valid for the solutions of the two body problem in the form of a Poisson series, Taylor expansions in powers of time and closed expressions, and an analytical generator of celestial mechanics functions, facilitating the immediate implementation of the present analytical methods of celestial mechanics. The package is completed with a numerical-analytical interface designed, in particular, for the fast evaluation of the long Poisson series.